Thursday, February 9, 2017

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Yesterday I did a test to see which academic characters I have to find out what areas in my learning I need to work on. There were four different characters which were relatable, imaginative, strategizing and organised. I set all my results into a pie chart that showed I am-
50% relatable
40% imaginative
10% strategizing
0% organised

What does this say about me?
The results say to me that I am not an organised person which is true. It shows that I can be relatable which means I am good with people and expressing myself and being responsive. I am also imaginative so I like to come up with ideas and see the bigger picture and also try out new adventures I haven't done. I am a bit of a strategiser cause I like to debate arguments in subjects I have taken.
What does it tell me about how I learn?
It tells me I am good with writing because I like to express myself and debate things. I also like to help people and learn new things whether it's outdoors or inside.

How might I use this in classes?
I use it as a tool by having courage to ask people how to do something. And coming up with bigger ideas by being imaginative is good because it helps me extend my ideas and work in class.

What am I not so good at yet?
I'm not good at being organised and still need to be more strategic.

How might I get better?
My advice to myself is to be more organised by making a schedule for when I do my homework every day with a set time. A way of being more strategic is learning more and paying attention in maths or any other subject that teaches strategies that I can use in life for all sorts of things.

What things might I focus on?
When I'm in class I will try to focus on the main subjects of strategies and will focus on being organised for school and my outside of school life.

How can this be useful in classes?
It will be very useful because once I pick up these characters it will stick with me so that the next time I take the test I will have all of them and it will help my learning in different areas.

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