Sunday, April 2, 2017

being an ENFP

Personality test!!

my test results were that I am a ENFP (campaigner).

I am
52% extroverted and 48% introverted.
76% intuitive and 24% observant
44% thinking and 56% feeling
13% judging and 87% prospecting
27% assertive and 73% turbulent

This means...
I like to go outside and be free a bit more than I like to stay home and do nothing. But I love to do both! I am a huge dreamer and can easily think outside of the box. I am very independent and I love anything creative and having freedom! I can easily lose patience in things and find myself in boring situations easily. I find it easy to relax and get caught up in a dreamy world.

This quote relates to ENFPS thoughts.
It doesn’t interest me what you do for a living. I want to know what you ache for – and if you dare to dream of meeting your heart’s longing. It doesn’t interest me how old you are. I want to know if you will risk looking like a fool – for love – for your dreams – for the adventure of being alive.
Oriah Mountain Dreamer

Thank you for reading.
Abi Shuttleworth

introduction to my self help book

Task : Write the introduction to the self-help book you would write about your inquiry topic.

My top goal in life is to stay happy and have no stress! A good strategy on being happy and staying happy is by appreciating the little things I have been given or have experienced in my every day life. I could do this by journaling them or taking photos. This will help me think a lot more positively and appreciate things a lot more. And I want myself to stay on top of homework and keep my room clean + exercise on a good schedule which will decrease stress from my every day life!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

school things

Yesterday I did a test to see which academic characters I have to find out what areas in my learning I need to work on. There were four different characters which were relatable, imaginative, strategizing and organised. I set all my results into a pie chart that showed I am-
50% relatable
40% imaginative
10% strategizing
0% organised

What does this say about me?
The results say to me that I am not an organised person which is true. It shows that I can be relatable which means I am good with people and expressing myself and being responsive. I am also imaginative so I like to come up with ideas and see the bigger picture and also try out new adventures I haven't done. I am a bit of a strategiser cause I like to debate arguments in subjects I have taken.
What does it tell me about how I learn?
It tells me I am good with writing because I like to express myself and debate things. I also like to help people and learn new things whether it's outdoors or inside.

How might I use this in classes?
I use it as a tool by having courage to ask people how to do something. And coming up with bigger ideas by being imaginative is good because it helps me extend my ideas and work in class.

What am I not so good at yet?
I'm not good at being organised and still need to be more strategic.

How might I get better?
My advice to myself is to be more organised by making a schedule for when I do my homework every day with a set time. A way of being more strategic is learning more and paying attention in maths or any other subject that teaches strategies that I can use in life for all sorts of things.

What things might I focus on?
When I'm in class I will try to focus on the main subjects of strategies and will focus on being organised for school and my outside of school life.

How can this be useful in classes?
It will be very useful because once I pick up these characters it will stick with me so that the next time I take the test I will have all of them and it will help my learning in different areas.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

3 things

What are 3 things I have thrown away in the past week and what could I have done with them instead to make them useful?

first of all the three things were:
-a shirt

What I did wrong was I didn't recycle the paper and didn't give my old clothes to the Salvation Army. This would have made the clothes useful for other people and the paper useful to recycle and use again instead of wasting them.

If you were stuck in mountains what would be the 3 things you'd need and why?

The three things I would need are:
- water bottle
- a phone including a map
- warm clothes

why would I need these items?
I would need a water bottle so that I wont get too thirsty while I'm stuck. I feel like it would be important to have a phone to be able to call someone to come and help me get down the mountain and have a map so that I might be able to get down myself. Warm clothes would be good to have because if it's at night time I would freeze if I were in summery clothes.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

mountain biking

How to be resilient when you mountain bike:
First of all often when you mountain bike there will be a lot of falls and bruises and scratches. Once you've fallen what do you do? You get back up and keep on going which will help you enjoy it more! Mountain biking may be a bit scary. Since some hills are quite steep or people in front of you are going too slow for you or even just roots in the ground may scare you. For me my best way of being resilient and getting away from these fears is just thinking I've done scarier things so there's no reason why I can't do this or I just think yay it's a big hill, time to go fast. So in this situation a good way of getting over fears and being resilient is to just think positively and encourage yourself.
Sometimes helping others will make you feel better and do things you wouldn't expect yourself to do while mountain biking.

 Even though there were a few accidents on the way for me I was resilient and pushed through them and still enjoyed myself!

being resilient

I would describe resilient to a kid as saying I won't give up when times get hard, like for example I fell over during mountain biking and got back up and kept going. I would say I'm resilient in school because if I find work gets hard I do all I can to try understand it. I'm also resilient in bad situations because I would think all the positive things instead of negative and keep going and forget about it. The difference here is that with work it's a physical situation and for the second one it's a mental situation. Different techniques you can use is thinking positively and believing in yourself that you can do this. Or you can ask for help and try your very best.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

being contributive

What I think being contributive is to me is putting all your effort and doing good in someone else's lives. It means to help other people in need and be a nice, helpful person. A part of my school decided to help a women with cancer by putting together a fundraiser. They all contributed by making different games like zorbing, an app and even a sausage sizzle for her and in result they fundraised a good amount of money to help towards her cancer! Being contributive is important because lots of people around the world are in need and can't help themselves but we can always contribute and save a life or save their home etc. A good way of being contributive is helping people who live on the streets or even saving a dog that doesn't have a home. Try your best to help anyone in need of help and get the good title of a contributive person!